Stewardship & Education

Lake Stewardship & Education 

Everyone can become a healthy lake steward by minimizing their own impact on the land and water.  Please check out the Lake wise resources and programs below to learn and to enjoy our beautiful lake.

Biodiversity at Pigeon 

The lake wise project was funded in part through the Watershed Stewardship Grant, a program of Land Stewardship Centre financed by Alberta Environment and Parks.

Featured Activities 

PLWA Nature Explorer Trail Series

Nature Explorers, discover four local Pigeon Lake nature areas: Rundle's Mission, Graves Nature Sanctuary, Village at Pigeon Lake Walking Trail, and Pigeon Lake Provincial Park Campground Trail. This summer, PLWA will be sharing self-guided nature challenges for each trail to help you discover local plants and animals. Nature Explorers who complete at least three of the trails are eligible to win a prize. Watch the PLWA website and social channels for each of the challenges. 

Note: Love the Lake Family Fun Day will look a little different this year due to COVID-19. In lieu of the usual day of activities with healthy-lake partners, enjoy the Pigeon Lake Provincial Park Campground Trail. This will be the final trail in the series.

Challenge #1 Rundle's Mission

Challenge #2 Graves Wildlife Sanctuary

Challenge #3 Village at Pigeon Lake Trail

Pigeon Lake Mammal Bingo - Printer Friendly

Get outside and get ready to go looking for wildlife around Pigeon Lake with this family fun bingo card! 
The first pattern will be one line, which can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Once you have finished each pattern (line, 4-corners, blackout), call “BINGO!” - post a picture of the card and tag us on Facebook, your Instagram story, Twitter, or send us an email at:

Pigeon Lake Bird Bingo - Printer Friendly

Get ready to go bird watching around Pigeon Lake with this family fun bingo card!

The first pattern will be one line, which can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Once you have finished each pattern (line, 4-corners, blackout), call “BINGO!” - post a picture of the card and tag us on Facebook, your Instagram story, Twitter, or send us an email at:

Preventing Invasive Species

As stewards of the lake preventing the spread of invasive species is essential to maintaining a healthy watershed and shoreline. What to do?

Noxious Weeds

  • Know the weeds common to Pigeon Lake 
  • Remove noxious weeds, persistence is key!
  • Dispose of weeds at the landfill in a sealed bag (alternatively, some can be dried in the sun) but never compost.
  • Prevent the spread

Noxious Weeds of Pigeon Lake

Noxious weeds can have serious environmental impacts and must be controlled or destroyed in accordance with the Alberta Weed Control Act.

In addition to the species found on this poster (Common Tansy, Yellow Toadflax, Oxeye Daisy, and Himalayan Balsam), a number of other noxious weeds can be found in the Pigeon Lake area. Also monitor for and remove Scentless Chamomile, Tansy Ragwort, Orange Hawkweed, Tall Buttercup, and Canada Thistle. 

Aquatic Invasive Species

Keep Aquatic Invasive Species out of Pigeon Lake

Did you know...Prussian Carp, and whirling disease have been found in Alberta waterways? Zebra and Quagga Mussels are in lakes as close as Manitoba and Montana. And, Eurasian Watermilfoil is in lakes in British Columbia.

These “happy travellers” easily attach to boats and marine equipment. When boats and watercrafts come to Pigeon Lake from other lakes the risk of infecting our lake is high. Once in the lake, it's almost impossible to eradicate invasive species and eradication efforts come at a high cost to taxpayers. Prevention is the best measure.

Clean Drain Dry your watercraft and gear!

Invasive Species Threaten Alberta Lakes - PSA

Zebra mussels have been detected near Alberta. If they make it into our lakes, it can cost upwards of $75 million dollars a year to control them. These and other invasive species are nearly impossible to eliminate and will damage the ecosystem and economy. Protect Alberta Lakes this summer. If transferring between lakes, clean drain dry watercrafts and equipment. This message brought to you by the Pigeon Lake Watershed Association. For more information call Alberta's hotline at 1-855-336-BOAT (2628).

Created by: Pigeon Lake Watershed Association (PLWA)

Produced by: Miles Jackson, Ma-Me-O Music Ltd

Healthy Lake Lots

By adopting lake-friendly landscaping and property maintenance practices, we can reduce the amount of pollutants that enter the lake and support greater biodiversity to enhance the ecosystem services of the watershed.

  • Naturalize your landscape: Less lawn, more wildflowers, and a layering of shrubs and trees means less work, cleaner runoff and a healthy lake.
  • Go Pesticide Free: Pesticides and other chemicals like herbicides and fertilzers are harmful to pollinators and pollute the lake.
  • Protect the Shoreline: Keeping native vegetation, rocks, and logs on the shore filters pollutants and provides a soft armor for the shoreline to reduce rosion and stablize slopes
  • Control Noxious Weeds: Noxious Weeds can destroy shoreline ecosystems and will decrease the value of the property.

Be Part of the Solution: Lawn maintenance...for a health lake

In-depth scientific studies tell us that phosphorus and nitrogen, from sources such as lawn fertilizers promote the growth of aquatic plants and algae, poor water quality and the premature aging of the lake. Algae can deplete the dissolved oxygen in the lake and be a factor in fish die offs.

Download the Brochurer

Healthy-Lake Lawn Care 

Where to start: natural healthy soils are supportive of healthy lawns and mean more time for enjoying the lake.

Resources & Answers at Your Finger Tips!


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